Weekend Research

I spent the weekend doing research again, looking for places to find friends and perhaps fans – one and the same I am hoping.

I searched the Yahoo groups and found a few that are active with people who read books related to SciFi/Fantasy and romance. My book doesn't fit exactly into a neat category – it crosses genres and breaks some of the “rules.” But I am certain it can find fans among these types of readers. The trick is getting them to purchase the book and have a read.

I've lowered the sell price for the book on my website feeling I have a right since Barns and Noble is selling it for less than the Amazon price. I lowered the price of the Kindle version, too. I'm beginning to think price is what I have to offer right now. In fact, I may have to buy some books to give away to people who read.

I've basically given up on Authonomy. It's not what I thought it would be. It's more like a reality game like Survivor where you make alliances and try to get ahead by playing the game. If I back someone's book without even reading it, they will do the same for me. Oh, well, I'll keep looking for the right place to be.

While searching the web I found an article that intrigued me on Copyblogger. Although most of this information pertains to non-fiction writing, I do need the information for my tack making books. Basically it said (I lost the link to the article so I can't post it directly):

“For success you need talent, luck and persistence. Pick any two.”

I don't have luck. I've never been lucky. Doors for me have never opened easily. I've had to work hard for what I have and I have to keep working hard to keep it.

So the two I need to pick are talent and persistence. I'm certain I have the talent to write. Every book I finish helps me hone my craft. I'm not the best writer but I'm certainly not the worst. If I'm wrong then see below.

As for persistence, well, I can be tenacious and I do have a stubborn streak. What I need to work on is self-confidence. I need to believe in myself and my work. Sometimes I have trouble with that. I have to make certain the little voice in my head tells me good things – even if slightly unrealistic and delusional. I have to become my number one fan, despite what other people say. I have to maintain the courage to stand up for my work – without insulting people along the way.

So that's my never ending chore. Hone my talent and believe in my work so that I have the courage to tell others it's good. Unfortunately, I'm a coward...

I'll keep you posted.

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