Hello? Anybody out there?

I realized that I have no idea if anyone is even reading my posts. I've turned this into some type of on-line diary.  And because I am a no one that nobody knows or cares to read about, this diary can remain a secret simply by being ignored.

How incredibly odd... All those warnings about posting things on line... How public it is... No privacy at all... Anybody can view it... Everyone can know about it... There's no copy right protection... If it's out htere you can't take it back...

The fact is, there is so much to read on the Internet, so many pages to view, that my blog resembles my life in many ways. I'm just another voice in the crowd where everyone is shouting. What can I do to get my voice to rise above all that madness to be heard?

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hi Carrie,

    I drop by and read your blog so there is at least one "someone" out there! :)


  2. I'm out here! I read your recent posting on the Paranormal list and followed your links. I'm not as far along as you are in terms of self-publishing, but that's where I headed.

    I was on Blogger, but recently moved to WordPress because Blogger/Google gave up on FTP Blogs. I used to have more "Followers," but lost just about all of them in the move because I couldn't get the Google Friend Connect feed to change on Blogger FTP. My blog is linked on my Blogger Profile.

    The easiest way to get followers is to follow other people. If you leave comments, most people will try to return the favor. Although, there seems to be a lot of social network burnout lately.

    I've found a lot of writers online, but most of them are traditionally minded. I tried that route for more years than I like to admit. I did some fanfiction. And now I'm thinking self-publishing through CreateSpace and the like. I'm very interested in hearing what you're doing with CreateSpace and Kindle.

  3. Thank you Jennifer and Mary Anne, for responding. I feel better today.

    Out of seven billion people in the world, at least two noticed my existance. I'm honored and I will find your blog... I'm getting better at this, I think.