Fabled Fables

I installed the Kindle for PC program, available at no charge from Amazon. I wanted to see that the books look like before I send my in to be processed. There are free books available to “purchase,” from classic to modern styles. I downloaded a few from the bestseller section from authors: HG Wells, Jules Vern, Lewis Carroll, Aesop, Jacob Grimm and "Unknown."

I read “Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know.” The book is full of familiar stories in their orignal form. The stories for this book were complied in 1905 from the Grimm's Fairy Tales, Arabian Nights as well as tales from other story tellers whose stories (Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast) people know better than the author's names.

Here are some interesting tidbits I learned from reading the original story proving myths and fables change when retold by new story tellers with a new audience to captivate and entertain.

  • Aladdin, with the lamp, lived in the capitol of China – though it's obious the story teller had never visited that place.
  • Sleeping Beauty was seven years old when she ran from her stepmother. The prince did not kiss her to waken her. Instead, his clumsy servants knocked over her glass coffin and spilled out her dead body which caused the piece of poison apple to fall out of her mouth. (Yeah, I always wondered about that: A prince who falls in love with a (seven-year-old) corpse and wants to kiss it?)
  • Tom Thumb was created by faires due to Merlin's request and later knighted by King Arthur.
  • Sleeping Beauty married her great-grand nephew – the prince that kissed her (hand) to awaken her. At least, he noticed that she looked very much like her great grandmother. I have to assume he was refering a sister and not her actual mother. Only 100 years had passed, after all.
  • The giant killed Jack's father when he was three months old. It was his guardian fairy who created the magic beans for the beanstalk so that Jack could steal back his inheritance and avenge his father's death.
  • “Fe Fi Fo Fum. I smell the blood of an Englishman.” came from the story Jack the Giant Killer. No beanstalk or beans in that story. Jack traveled England and killed giants then sent the heads to King Arthur along with the story behind the kill.
  • Little Red Riding hood took off her clothes and slipped into bed with the wolf. Then she asked about his large body parts. The wolf ate her up completely. There was no rescue.
  • Goldilocks real name was Silver-hair. There was a Middle-Bear and not a mama bear.
I have more historical science fantasy to read – myths and fables, with the Brother's Grimm and Aesop books to go.

I'll keep you posted.

Saguaro Cactus

When we first moved into this house over ten years ago, we purchased a three foot high saguaro cactus for the front yard. We knew it could take ten years or more for the cactus to mature and grow the "arms."

Saguaro cactus are a native plant to our area. They grow wild in the desert. On the drive from here to California, we get to see many different forms. Plenty of our neighbors have one or more decorating their front yards.

For over ten years, I've wondered and imagined what our version would look like.

One arm like a man waving hello?

Two arms like a man under arrest? This is the what most people invision.

Two arms and a nose? Our neighbor's looks like this.

Many arms like an octopus? Very common in the open desert, from four to twelve arms out the middle of the cactus.

Well, after ten years of waiting, I have my answer. Our cactus looks like this:

It's times like these when I know God has a sense of humor and He's laughing at me.

I'll keep you posted.

Why I don't Blog Every Day

I know blogging is supposed to be an everyday event and I haven't blogged in a while. But there are reasons. Today for example, my kid has a holiday. Every thirty seconds he calls for me and not for any particular reason.

On days like today, "Mom" sounds like a swear word. I know he doesn't mean it to be that way, but I just can't concentrate or get anything done!

Oh! He needs me again. Gotta go.