Spring Time in My Backyard

Spring in the desert starts earlier than other places in the US, for example the suggested planting date for tomato seedlings is Feb12 and for other plants March 15. I used to have a nice vegetable garden before I decided to grow kids. The garden was less work.

With Spring comes the weeds... Plenty of weeds. I hate pulling weeds.

The birds have returned, busy building their nests. They sing, fight and fly without even noticing me. Sometimes I have to duck out of the way of a chase. I don't normally take the time to bird watch. Our birds are the common variety. Sparrows, hummingbirds, doves blackbirds and brown jays busy enjoying the gifts of a warmer sun.

Although, one time I spied two partridges walking about my back yard as if they owned it. Another time there were a couple of green love birds, obvious domestic escapees.

One day, I was outside doing yard work with our 10lb dog named Gizmo. She's a Lasa Apso Maltise mix, white with black patches. After weeding a while, my back ached, so I stood up to stretch, looking into the sky. I spotted a bird gliding in the air currents above me that had a wingspan of at least 6 feet. I watched for a while wondering what a bird of prey was doing circling around my back yard. Then it occurred to me, “Where's the dog?” I called her over quickly and when she was by my side looked up again. The big bird was gone.

I spied a pair of doves on our block wall fence engaged in their courtship. They moved in mirror image for a while then reached out to caress each other with their heads. The courtship lasted for five minutes. The actual physical exchange lasted for about a second. Off they flew as if fully satisfied with the encounter. I'm so glad I'm not a bird.

I'll keep you posted.

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