"Highland Rebel" by Judith James

Highland Rebel: A Tale of a Rebellious Lady and a Traitorous LordHighland Rebel: A Tale of a Rebellious Lady and a Traitorous Lord by Judith James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jamie and Catherine are not standard H/H romance characters and the story (with HEA) isn't typical fair either. What does that mean? Refreshing! Let go your expectations and enjoy the ride. The characters feel like real people. Not the pretty people but beautiful in their own way.

Jamie's wit made me laugh out loud. Loved his dialogue. He knows who he is and jokes about himself. Self-confidence is so sexy.

Cat is a one of the rare “warrior woman” and leader of her clan, she’s smart, mature, and well educated, which according to James is correct for a woman of this time frame. Since all I know about this time period I’ve learned from reading Romance novels, I’ll take her word for it.

The novel is full of historical details, facts, and people from the past woven in. If you prefer fantasy to history, there may be too much. But the facts made the events come alive. Especially life in London with all the politics and gossip, how easily one person can use words to destroy another person. The character’s trips into London brought alive, parts I never knew existed and made me wonder what the modern equivalent of “Penny Universities” are – and it’s not the Internet!

I was left fascinated with the past she wrote about. After finishing the story, I was tempted to find the history books she talks about in the back of the book. Okay, so that passed and I’ll continue to collect my history from my favorite format – romance novels.

Bravo, James. Outstanding job!

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