Vacation and the Muse

We returned from a much-needed nine-day vacation. It's so good to be home. While we toured five states (Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho), I took landscape pictures. Yummy fodder for my Five Worlds.

The Tetons with snow on the mountains and wildflowers in bloom below.

Yellowstone is like visiting another planet. The geysers, waterfalls, canyons, paint pots and hot springs are unique and colorful, giving my muse much to chew on for my out of this world WIPs. Walking around on a sleeping volcano was so cool!

Yellowstone's Grand Canyon.

Artist's Paint Pots 1

Artist's Paint Pots 2

Geyser Basin

Western Thumb - Hot Spring

Western Thumb - Elk

Yellowstone Waterfall

White Wolf Fishing
(Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, Montana)

Hard to believe I took  these pictures with my cell phone camera. Oh, how technology has progressed!

I'll keep you posted.

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