Selecting a Niche Market

The kidlet is out of school for the summer. He's bored and bugging the “$%@#” out of me! I'll do my best to keep blogging until his 8 weeks of vacation is over. Thank heavens for the year round school program!

I've decided on a niche market to write for – woman's romantic science fiction and fantasy. Okay, not much different from my first attempt. But these one will be written in the accepted form for woman's romantic fiction, switching point of view from the hero to heroine. The relationships is the main focus with events putting them together and pulling them apart – with plenty of verbal foreplay and near misses. One good sex scene after the couple have made some type of commitment. And of course, a happy ending.

I really enjoyed 'Heartmate' by Robin Owens. It takes place 400 years in the future on a distant planet colonized by technically and magically gifted humans who left earth so they could practice their magic. The hero is a rich, magical Tarzan the hero a magical Jane. It's sweet and funny with elements of danger.

Creating my own future worlds will take less time than researching for an historical romance. I thought of writing contemporary romace, but couldn't come up with new ways of two people meeting without twisting reality. I tried to brainstorm a list. But, I need magic or technology for my plots.

Last week I finished the first draft of a new novel. Actually, the novel wrote itsself. I was surprised! I set up the concept in my head and started writing. I used the completely orgainc approach. I had no idea where the story was going and let the characters tell me who they are and events just naturally happened.

I picked up a pen, started writing and within a week I had it done! The story is in one journal notebook with very few scratch outs. It's as if the novel wanted to be written as it streamed from my brain and onto the page. This is the most fun I've had writing in a very long time. It felt effortless, as if I was simply dictating the words of the muse in my head. When I wasn't writing, I was planning the next scene – in the car, doing housework and before my son's ice hockey game.

The next step is to get these words into a text file and start polishing. I need to make certain the language I use matches what is expected by the reader.

This novel will be called 'Dreamsayer.' Next blog, I'll give more details.

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. It sounds like you're doing wonderfully! Congratulations! It's a great title too!