Crap and Cream

Sorry I haven't blogged lately. I've been reading and writing fiction, trying to get into the language. The more research I do, the more reading I do, the more I read posts for the Yahoo groups, the more I look into everything that is out there, I realize I have made a huge error in judgement.

I need to write for a niche market.

I have every intention of finishing this trilogy. I like the story. I like the characters. But I'm having trouble finding the readers, the people, who, like me, will enjoy my characters adventures. I thought it should be easy to find others like myself who enjoy the same. But the more I look at what is out there, the more I read what other people read, the more convinced I am that I've set myself up for failure.

I don't have time to devote to a failed concept.

A while ago I read an article from a professional editor who also freelances. I don't remember the name nor did I keep the link. This morning, I remembered something I dismissed when I read the blog, she said, “Write a story that people actually want to read.”

Lately, I've read enough crap and cream stories that I'm getting a much clearer picture of what that editor means. Ride the tide. Write for the niche. Find out what the audience expects, wants and desires based on what has worked in the past. Do the same as everyone else only different, a slight twist, a different angle. Get into the language of a particular niche market – i.e. romance – and write in a similar style, similar structure, similar characters only slightly different.

I'm selling a novel that breaks the genre rules and crosses borders into uninhabited territory.

I'm writing the novels for me, not for a specific audience. My likes run the gambit of non-fiction, history, romance, science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, mystery and mythical stories. I don't like vampires or werewolves. I prefer humans with magical powers to mythical creations. I don't like reluctant heroes forced into a destiny they'd prefer to run screaming from. I want heroes who plunge headlong into danger, feeling the rush, working through a no-win situation and coming out on top. And I like the added spice of a little romance and sex between the main characters. I don't like the old style James Bond who bed hops without hesitation. Give me a hero in love with a heroine who fills his every need, even if it takes a while for both of them to realize it.

All of the above poses a problem. Where do I find people like me? I don't think the audience I'm looking for reads books. I think they prefer to watch TV.

I'll keep you posted.

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