Soul Swap - Promises, Available Now!

Soul Swap - Promises (32K, Heat Level 1)

On planet Del'noshe, Tenor vowed to be Telima's Protector. The Tribal Chief refuses the match. Instead, he send Tenor to acquire new blood for the tribe. At the Warrior games, Tenor wins Annie. He decides to trade his Prize for Telima. On the trip home, Annie proves to be everything he would ever want or need in a woman. Can he chose between honoring his vow and his burning need for Annie?

On 21st century Earth, Annie's life is in the toilet, no job, no boyfriend and no family. She makes a drunken wish, which the Universe grants, sending her to different planet – as the prize of an all-too-sexy warrior. Is the soul swap permanent? If she solves Tenor's problem, will be sent home? Or if she wins Tenor's heart, can she stay? The magical Anom Tribal Counsel has the answers, if she dares to seek their help.

This short story introduces life on planet Del'noshe of the Five Worlds. The short story (32K) is available for free on Smashwords - or purchase for $0.99 and the proceedes will benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The story will also be available at most of the major ebook retaliers (not for free, though), such as iTunes, Sony Books, Barns and Noble and the Kindle store.

Available now at: in ten different ebook formats.

I would appreciate reader reviews on Goodreads, Amazon or Smashwords.

Someone said the best promotion idea is a backlist. This is the beginning for me.

I'll keep you posted.

Carrie O.

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