Moongypsy Press to Publish the Five Worlds Series

I feel like I've grown wings! I hope so, because I'm going to need the extra mobility to achieve my massive to-do list! Now the real fun begins, with whole new learning curve to climb.

“Fire and Ice” will be the first release in spring/summer, my debut novel. Now that I have something interesting to talk about, I will be sharing what I learn about the publishing process with Moongypsey Press.

After the deal was done, I was sent an AIS, the Author Information Sheet contains the following to-do list.

1. General Information – title, series name, author name, pen name, word count, page count, genre and heat level.
2. Cover Art Information – describe the main characters, the setting, mood and tone.
3. A small, one line tag/hook/blurt for the front cover
4. Brief Synopsis that includes the beginning, middle and ending.
5. Author's Bio
6. List of other titles with the same publisher
7. Dedication, acknowledgements
8. Brief tag/hook
9. Back of the book blurb (brief)
10. Excerpt
11. Reviews
12. Personal Marketing Plan

Fortunately, due to my failed attempt to self-publish The Tool series (failure for me means “A Huge Learning Experience” because I only really fail when I give up trying.) I have many of these items ready or understand the concept, having spent so much time on research and practice with The Tool.

When I sought a publisher for this series, I was forced to write much of the AIS information. So if you wonder why you have to do all that stuff to satisfy an agent or a publisher, well now you know. It is not wasted time.

The back of the book blurb is the pitch for query letters. Synopsis are normally required for submission with the pitch. Over a year ago, I wrote my author's bio when I was trying to get reviewers to read Shadow Nexus – without success. The other items I can pull from the book or write quickly.

Filling out the AIS left me with another to-do list: My Personal Marketing Plan. Plus I was given yet another to-do list by the publisher to begin the "buzz." More on those as I move forward.

I'll keep you posted.

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