Saguaro Cactus

When we first moved into this house over ten years ago, we purchased a three foot high saguaro cactus for the front yard. We knew it could take ten years or more for the cactus to mature and grow the "arms."

Saguaro cactus are a native plant to our area. They grow wild in the desert. On the drive from here to California, we get to see many different forms. Plenty of our neighbors have one or more decorating their front yards.

For over ten years, I've wondered and imagined what our version would look like.

One arm like a man waving hello?

Two arms like a man under arrest? This is the what most people invision.

Two arms and a nose? Our neighbor's looks like this.

Many arms like an octopus? Very common in the open desert, from four to twelve arms out the middle of the cactus.

Well, after ten years of waiting, I have my answer. Our cactus looks like this:

It's times like these when I know God has a sense of humor and He's laughing at me.

I'll keep you posted.

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